The Harvest Tower is the brainchild Thomas Mcfall (co-writer and illustrator) and Philip Morgan(writer). We want to show you the epic original tale of Eos, a mining colony comprised of 5 arcologies, or Towers, established and maintained by Erikson Omnicorp, and how it adapts after being isolated from it's home planet, Bera III under mysterious circumstances.

We wanted to create a unique blend of "cyberpunk" and "steampunk", so we took a far future mining colony and isolated it from its home planet. How will the people of Eos cope with their isolation? Will they thrive or will they breakdown?


Yeva Jiang is a section foreman and veteran of the underground mines beneath the Harvest Tower with 3 tours under her belt. She coordinates and works with several other mining teams to make sure the daily and weekly quotas are met and transported for shipping by choosing what areas of the mines get excavated.

She came to the towers as a family tradition with her younger sister Vanna, as her family had done for 3 generations. Her mother and father were part of the Builders who constructed the first tower: The Harvest.

Sam Tucker is a greenhorn on his first tour of the Towers. He works most closly with Yeva and another foreman, Joseph Holden.

Sam came to the Towers for the money, and a chance to leave his hometown.

Ulric Jefferies is a "suit", who was in charge of Research and Development until that fateful day. His ability to lead and inspire researchers and engineers lead to several advancements across the underground mines and farming plots in the Harvest Tower.

Jeffereies was hand picked by Erikson Omnicorp back on Bera III to coordinate R&D solutions on Eos. He has been on Eos for 7 years, a year longer than Yeva.